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We are EDL

We believe that beautiful spaces start with beautiful materials. Key to our ethos is an understanding of the emotional connection between designer and creation. Guided by our dedication to supporting their creative journey, we craft explorative and highly tactile materials that look good – and feel even better.

An ecosystem of surfacing materials

Initially focused on the supply of high pressure laminates, we have since expanded our offerings to include an entire ecosystem of materials for interior design; including Compact for worktops, Module for walls and Viefe for accessories. Our collections follow the same commitment to design, craftmanship and quality.

The New EDL Regional Headquarters

Embracing growth, we have transitioned to a new era in our very own space—defining our identity in a brand new building. Come within and explore our experiential gallery, designed to inspire you like never before.

Have we met before?

If our materials look familiar, it is probably because you have seen them all over town. EDL materials are used by some of the region’s top architects and interior designers.

Light House Studio iF Sensitively refreshed with a minimal palette,
explore the materials used in this charming abode.
Tiara NN Studio A calm and modern Singapore home crafted
through generations.
House Apartment L Architects A ground floor unit in Singapore transposed to look
and feel more akin to a house.
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