We believe that beautiful spaces start with beautiful materials.
Key to our ethos is an understanding of the emotional connection between designer and creation. Guided by our dedication to supporting their creative journey, we craft explorative and highly tactile materials that look good – and feel even better.

Our Story

At the core of our philosophy lies the conviction that beautiful materials create beautiful spaces. Initially focused on high-pressure laminates, we create and curate materials that bring our clients’ visions to life. To enhance our offerings, EDL now includes Compact worktop solutions, Module wall claddings, and Viefe designer accessories, expanding our product categories for a comprehensive ecosystem of options.
Armed with a design-led outlook, coupled with an emphasis on sourcing the highest quality materials and investing in breakthrough technology, has resulted in materials that inspire the architects and interior designers that use them. While we strive to predict and meet market demands, it is our commitment to more intangible qualities – such as imagination and innovation – that set our work apart from others.
Founded in 2002, EDL is a family owned business helmed by the Lim family. We have grown from a small team in a rented office to a leading figure in Southeast Asia, with a 60,000 square foot Regional Headquarters in Singapore and more than 250 employees across the region.

Initially focused on trading laminates, we expanded into manufacturing; today, we are proud to partner with leading manufacturers from Europe, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea on research and development for innovative new materials.

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