Light House

Light House

A charming abode amidst the gardens

Architect / Design Studio:

Studio iF



Materials used:

Van Dyck Braun

L-FA 0648AP

Habsburg Oak

DWV 4516AE

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Sensitively refreshed with a minimal palette, this charming home respects the intent and language of the original architecture. The home observes an open plan with an abundance of sunlight entering through the original skylights. With an extension in the back to widen apertures to the gardens, this single gesture creates a seamless relationship between the interiors and the surrounding gardens; allowing the family to appreciate the simple joys that nature offers.

The geometry of bold curves are retained and celebrated in the interiors. Additional ironworks that pay homage to the craft of mild steel work prevalent in the 1970s are also cherished through the details in the handles and mirror works for example. Furniture components were also customised to adhere to existing curves; creating comfortable nooks for lounging and relaxation.

Materials used

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