Aptico Narratives

Aptico Narratives

To share about our new smart material Aptico, we partnered Thinkk Studio in Bangkok to create narratives and objects inspired by the four main features of Aptico. The narratives are housed in a dreamscape, and showcase the features in surprising, playful and often whimsical ways, evoking interest and wonder.

Narrative 01
Claw Machine: Extremely Matt Surface

The mechanical arm uses light to look for the most matt items to be picked up. These are items are matt and made of Aptico.

Narrative 02
Slide Show: Soft Texture

Two balls are rolled down slides made of Aptico and another material. The softness of Aptico allows the ball to slides smoothly and quickly, making it the faster route.

Narrative 03
Cat & Mouse: Anti-Fingerprint

A cat chases the mouse around a wheel made alternatively of Aptico and mirror. However, only the mirror surface reveals traces of footprints, while Aptico remains pristine.


Narrative 04
Hot Spring Healing: Thermal Healing of Superficial Micro-Scratches

Aptico can reverse the appearance of scratches on its surface through the use of thermal healing. Simple use a hot iron and wet paper towel on the surface to heal micro-scratches. You can see steam created during this healing process.

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