Discovering Our New Gallery Space

Discovering Our New Gallery Space

Nestled away from the bustling city center, our new gallery space is designed to be a destination – an experience crafted to be worth the journey. Designed like a narrative unfolding in chapters, each corner of the gallery reveals its secrets and surprises, inviting visitors on a journey of exploration and inspiration.
From the moment you step inside, the gallery immerses you in a world of creativity and innovation. Aptly named zones like the Aptico Bar, The Canopy, The Cavern, The Cabin, Module Spa, and Viefe Studio each offer distinct experiences.

The Aptico Bar showcases our next-generation smart materials, featuring smart, matt laminates that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal seamlessly. The bar is occupied by a lamp shade, its large scale meant to evoke the feeling of being Alice in Wonderland as you explore the whimsical world of our materials. Giving new life to offcuts, our Compact material are transformed into the structural backbone of the lamp shade.
The Canopy beckons visitors into a forested retreat, a serene environment housing our collection of wood decors. Hidden within the walls are pull outs so you can view our laminates in its full sheet.
In contrast, The Cavern transports you into illuminated caves, where abstract laminates frame collections of stone, marbles, fabric, and other intricate pattern decors. Here, the play of light acts as a palette cleanser as you explore the rest of the gallery.
The Cabin presents a modern living setting, showcasing EDL Compact solutions for worktops and backsplashes. This home-like environment allows visitors to visualise how these products can seamlessly integrate into their own living spaces, combining functionality with style.
Module Spa offers a sensory retreat akin to a spa environment, highlighting Japanese wall cladding materials from EDL Module. It’s a space designed to inspire relaxation and contemplation, showcasing materials that transform any space into a sanctuary.
Lastly, Viefe Studio is a haven for design enthusiasts, featuring a curated collection of designer handles, knobs, wall hooks, and door stoppers. Here, the emphasis is on the finer details that elevate everyday living spaces into realms of elegance and sophistication.
Overall, our new gallery space is not just a showroom; it is an immersive experience designed to ignite creativity and spark inspiration. Whether you’re exploring the innovative materials in the Aptico Bar, seeking tranquility in The Canopy, or discovering the elegance of designer accessories in Viefe Studio, each zone invites you to delve deeper into the art of design.

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