Circuit Road

Circuit Road

Architect / Design Studio:

L Architects


Finbarr Fallon



Materials used:


ESG 5781N

Batonnet Oak

EWN 6890R

This 23 year old 3 bedroom unit is home to a retired couple and their daughter. The brief called for a space which exudes restfulness and calm.
To borrow daylight from other rooms in the space, the existing walls were removed and the use of glass doors were explored. An accessible bathroom was created by enlarging the space into a shared bath between the master and the junior master rooms.
Muted sage green paneling is used to bring comfort to the space. A weaved texture forms added tactility to the panels. There is a subtle interplay of light and shadow across the apartment as the sun moves throughout the day. The space is kept neat with simple geometries to accentuate the exiting high ceilings.

Materials used

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