dusitD2 Samyan Bangkok

dusitD2 Samyan Bangkok

Architect / Design Studio:

Design Identity Unit





Materials used:

Denver Oak

DWK 3161AT

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The project team embarked on a journey within the locale known as Si Phraya to derive inspiration for their project. This area teemed with stories and historical richness, primarily revolving around professions and Thai architecture, serving as a vivid testament to the evolution of Bangkok’s business district during its nascent stages.

In the process of creating the project’s designs, meticulous attention was paid to details such as ornamentation. For instance, in the guest rooms, there was a deliberate effort to communicate a message of “Thainess” through the interior designs. Graphic design served as a pivotal tool in conveying this message to the guests, with elements like the depiction of the Pagoda reflecting said essence.

Diverse materials were carefully selected and integrated into the crafting of the interior design for the guest rooms, meeting the specific needs of the designs. Notably, materials like yellow core laminate sheets were utilized to allow light to penetrate through, serving as a significant component that aligned with the overarching design concept.

The decision to employ these laminates was rooted in their ability to harmonise with the design vision, effectively capturing the desired mood and tone that define the project. These materials were not only chosen for their practical qualities but also for their capacity to seamlessly integrate with the overarching aesthetic, enhancing the overall ambiance of the space.

Materials used

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