Tiara Condo

Tiara Condo

A calm and modern Singapore home crafted through generations

Architect / Design Studio:

NN Studio


Studio Periphery



Materials used:

Rovere Rhone

DWL 4367LX

The owners, originally from Bandung, Indonesia, hold a special connection to this residence in Singapore, their second home. Acquired back in 1995, it has since become a symbol of their journey, bridging their life between two vibrant cities.

Amidst the changing tides of the post-pandemic world, the family saw an opportunity to infuse this Singaporean home with new life. Their vision was to create a tranquil retreat, a stark contrast to the energetic pulse of the city. The renovation, conducted with meticulous care, was designed to transform the space into a haven of relaxation.

A silk wood cladded wall extends throughout the length of the living space, forming a continuous plane with wardrobes in the same finish.

Materials used

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